Incredible women that I met in Canada/USA - Thank you for participating in my project!
Jiamila Maimati, Rose Aktas, Leona MacIntyre, Isabelle West, Danah Beaulieu, Ruth Kivinen, Anne Nantais, Bonnie Deslippe, Bobbie Wagner, Mia Kerr, Ayesha Drouillard, Marian Drouillard, Lupita Amaya, Cat Turner, Olga Klekner, Nora Harvey, Alexandra Paine, Maria Rosa Liencura, Lisa Bellevue, Elena Nikanorova, Asya Berler, Claire Luchkina, Ana Kusmic  
My Family
Women of my family Portraits
My Friends
Digital portraits of my women friends in Windsor Essex, painted in Procreate.  These digital portraits are part of my project Unfinished memories (about women of my family and women friends who I met in my life journey). It is ongoing art project and these portraits will be repainted in a more abstract way, I will be exploring how we all view familiar faces and how our memories affect our perception and colour choices.
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